Clutch "FLEX" device, for 4WD synchronized car dynamometers


This device is suitable for testing 2-wheels drive vehicles with 4WD car synchronized dynamometers. Place the driving wheel in the siutable roller and lock the front wheel by the front wheel clamp if the vehicle is a motorcycle. the "CLUTCH FLEX" device (a de-connector) can saparate or connect the front rollers from (to) the rear ones. In this way it's possible to test all vehicles cathegories, 2WD and 4WD with a 4WD syncronized dynamometer. This device is suitable for the "800" or 1000" models and it is the only one in the world...


A motorcycle during a test in a 4WD cars dynamometers


CLUTCH "FLEX" device, to separate/connect front rollers from the rear ones 

Application: Synchronized 4WD cars dynamometers
Front wheel lock clamp (optional)